A WIFE'S GUIDE was born out of despair. Growing up, I didn't see the most successful relationships and marriages. In fact, I was enveloped by quite the opposite. 

So, as one can imagine, when I decided to get married at 21 years old, leaving my mother's home and becoming a wife, I was everything, but prepared. 

Having been one who grew up in church, the one thing I was equipped with was a personal relationship with God. Thus, the birthing of this book.

Through every growing pain, every season where it seemed the sun would never shine again, every moment of anguish, uncertainty and insecurity, I found myself laboring over my husband, myself and our union. Prayer was the only tool that brought relief. Through the 14 years I've shared with my husband, we have learned to pursue an active prayer life - collectively and individually. 

It is my hope that from this book/devotional, one will:

* Develop a fervent prayer life over every area of their lives

* Experience first hand the power of God in their marriage

* Grow together in holy matrimony

* Gain a true understanding and Godly perspective regarding matters of the heart

* Learn to implement prayer far beyond the completion of this book