As a multifaceted proprietor, I am blessed to operate within my many passions. Navigating as an entrepreneur for approximately 15 years has afforded me the opportunity to develop an award winning beauty brand - Touch of Heaven Artistry, an ever emerging salon park - The Suite Life Salons, LLC. as well as position myself to be a recognized Beauty Industry Educator, Speaker, and Beauty Business Consultant. 

After years of operating in the beauty industry, hearing the complaints of countless others, it has become my mission to demolish the dysfunctional culture so prevalent among our African American Beauty Professionals. In doing so, I take great pleasure in assisting others in unearthing their purpose and excelling in their area(s) of expertise. 

Utilizing my career's experience, integrated with countless hours of research, and a longtime passion for education and proper hair care, I now offer:

* Business & Marketing consulting - teaching others to convert talent into an impressive client list and

sustainable (growing) wealth.

*Styling & Hair Care Boot Camps - to stylists and non-stylists (individuals desiring to learn proper at home hair maintenance )

* and am available for speaking engagements and events


I look to have courses accredited by the State of Texas, in order to offer Continuing Education Credits in the near future.





My passion and zeal for the beauty industry has afforded me the opportunity to be positioned not only behind the chair, but on stage.

I take pride in educating interested individuals in proper hair care and styling tips.

I have been granted the opportunity to: 

* present for several expos and exhibits - locally and out of state.

* sign as the featured stylist for several international brands

* feature as a guest panelist for many expos, shows and exhibits - locally and out of state. 

* host countless events

With great love and devotion for the beauty industry, it is my goal to disspell the myths and wide spread misinformation as it relates to proper hair care and business structure and operations. 

FOR BUSINESS &/or  SPEAKING INQUIRIES, fill out the contact form below.