The work of my hands. . .

Psalm 90:17

As a beauty professional with nearly 20 years of experience, I have always enjoyed the art of hair styling since my adolescence. Growing up (and after my Jheri Curl days) my mother would take time to braid or style my hair, until I picked up the skill of braiding on my own. Once, I remember relaxing my hair around the age of 10 or so. It was at that moment I knew what industry I wanted to join. 

I became the neighborhood beautician, working from my room that had been converted into a hair salon, with chairs and dryer, table area for nails and eye brows, as well as my mother's kitchen. I can still hear her fussing about people being in her house. 

But, you see, I had a purpose, that was nurtured, a gift that was being molded - though I thought I was simply having fun. 

Years later, hundreds of clients later, cities later, two salons later.. here I stand...

chief operator of beauty brand  Touch of Heaven Hair Lounge 

as well as, salon owner of Studio 29:11 Salon Gallery.

Both born from a vision, both operated with excellence, both creating history.


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