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Healthy Hair Regimen

Hey Curlfriend!!! For those of you unfamiliar with me, I am Markeita Pruitt, founder, owner, and chief operator (only operator) of Touch of Heaven Artistry  formally known as Touch of Heaven Salon. Touch of Heaven Artistry is my beauty brand that I operate under as a Natural Hair Specialist & Master Stylist. 

As a Natural Hair Specialist, I find it extremely important to educate clients, as well as the Natural Hair Community (when opportunity presents). SOooooo, I implemented a page that broke down the ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES in your hair regimen that will assist in achieving and maintaining healthy tresses.


CLARIFYING SHAMPOO. I know this is taboo in the Natural Hair Community, BUT!!!!! It is imperative that you cleanse and clarify at least once a month. I always explain to clients that no matter if you "barely" use products or not, you need to clarify. You naturally produce oils, which attracts dirt and dust; over time will cause a buildup on your hair and scalp. Just like you need a clean, sanitized environment to grow and flourish.... so does your hair. In the salon, I clarify EVERY client. And most will attest that even after a few weeks of rocking a protective style, their hair is still moisturized upon removal of style. HOW, YOU MAY ASK? Because the next most important product in your regimen should be:


MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO.  After I clarify each client, I follow with a moisturizing, detangling shampoo that literally restores all moisture that may have been stripped during the detoxification process. So, just imagine, after clarifying, I shampoo again, but this time I'm beginning to restore balance to the hair. This creates an environment where healthy hair can thrive, versus being suffocated by buildup. And let me just say this: no where in this regimen will you find a co-wash. I am "Anti Co Wash".  As a professional, I am not impressed by what companies have launched as a "benefit" to healthy hair. LIES!! Shampooing hair with a co wash is equivalent to bathing in lotion. K?.. K.


CONDITIONER (DEEP). At this phase, you are wanting to soften the hair and tangles that may have been caused during cleansing phase. Depending on need of hair & porosity, you may find it necessary to add a little protein to your conditioner and sit under dryer. Sitting under a heated dryer is great for low porosity hair as it allows the opening of the cuticle and better penetration of conditioner. If you opt for a protein conditioner or treatment, detangle first.  Detangling should be made easy with the slip provided by high quality products. Nevertheless, I always recommend allowing conditioner to sit for 10 minutes minimum (if opting out of sitting under dryer) before rinsing and preceding to styling.


LEAVE IN CONDITIONER. Prior to styling, you want to set the stage in order to achieve optimum moisture retention. At this point, you want to apply a leave in and completely detangle if not done already. From this point, it goes pretty quick because all you have left is


MOISTURIZER/STYLER. I typically lean towards stylers that are highly moisturizing (hardly ever cheaper than $13). The ones I use are approximately $18 - $25 retail price. But, keep in mind, because it is highly moisturizing and of great quality ingredients, I am not forced to over use the product. A GOOD MOISTURIZER IS NOT: coconut oil, shea butter, or any other oil in its pressed or unpressed form. Once applied, I follow with my favorite oil to seal moisture, leading me to the last and final necessity of a healthy hair regimen. 


SEALANT/OIL. To retain maximum moisture, sealing is necessary. What you use in this process is determined by porosity and texture. If hair is finer, you would want to use something lighter (avoiding coconut oil, soybean oil, mineral oil, etc). If hair is coarser, a heavier oil can be used. I use argan oil in the salon in different pour amounts depending on the texture of hair I'm working on. It is my absolute favorite oil with almond oil trailing directly behind it. 


You see, a healthy hair regimen is quite simple. It doesn't require magic, ONLY CONSISTENCY. If your hair is continuously dry, more than likely, it's the products, the order of use, or a combination of both. If you are in need of product recommendations, which should be recommended based upon hair porosity & texture (hair typing has nothing to do with care), seek your local Natural Hair Professional. And as you can see, your regimen shouldn't consist of a boat load of products. 3-4 for wash day & 3-4 for styling. Simplicity is key when striving for healthy hair. Also, at the end of the day, a healthy diet and proper water intake also aids in your regimen. 


Tre'luxe (leave in & styler)

Uncle Funky's Daughter (leave ins, refreshers, & stylers/moisturizers)

Essations/Naked (shampoo, conditioners, & moisturizers)

Nairobi/Congo (Shampoo, stylers/moisturizers)

Qhemet Biologics (stylers/moisturizers)

One N Only (oil)

Biolage (shampoo & conditioner)

Joico (shampoo & conditioner)

Mielle Organics (shampoo, conditioner, oil)

The Doux