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It is my belief that the ministry I am called to began long before I was aware of the calling. With a lifelong Christian background, mistakes made, but a knowledge of Who I could/can turn to, I have always been the one my family and friends looked to for spiritual advice.

Young, with a serious misconception of life, mixed with the desire to fit in and be liked, I made some awful decisions. But, it was those decisions that led me to marry (way to early in the sight of many), and return to God, who so graciously kept me through it all. 

Throughout my career, I have encountered many, in which God entrusted to me to care for mentally, spiritually and physically (because we all know stylists wear many hats, ie. counselor, marital adviser, confidant...)

In such instances, I've used my life's experiences, called to total transparency without the fear of judgment, to minister and show others that they're not alone in this journey called life.

It brings great joy to know that my life's journey can appeal and save - even if it's just one.

With a focus on marriage and woman empowerment, I recently released my first of many books,  A WIFE'S GUIDE.



An open dialogue among women of different backgrounds, ethnicity, and walks of life;

brought together to share in a journey of transparency with hopes of encouraging and uplifting others.





My passion and zeal for the beauty industry has afforded me the opportunity to be positioned not only behind the chair, but on stage.

I take pride in educating interested individuals in proper hair care and styling tips.

I have been granted the opportunity to: 

* present for several expos and exhibits - locally and out of state.

* sign as the featured stylist for several international brands

* feature as a guest panelist for many expos, shows and exhibits - locally and out of state. 

* host countless events

With great love and devotion for the beauty industry, it is my goal to disspell the myths and wide spread misinformation as it relates to proper hair care and business structure and operations. 

FOR BUSINESS &/or  SPEAKING INQUIRIES, fill out the contact form below.