For as long as I can remember, I have operated in the ministry for women and marriage. After encountering and overcoming childhood traumas, marital issues and perpetuated generational cycles, I have learned to use such victories as a tool to encourage others.

How many of us have questioned: Lord, why me?  Have you come to a resolve as to why you were chosen to walk through the life you were dealt? Answer: to be a witness to others. At least that was the answer I received. And so that's exactly what I have set out to do. Throughout my career, I have encountered many, in which God entrusted to me to care for mentally, spiritually and physically (because we all know stylists wear many hats, ie. counselor, marital adviser, confidant...)

In such instances, I've used my life's experiences, called to total transparency without the fear of judgment, to minister and show others that they're not alone in this journey called life.

It brings great joy to know that my life's journey can appeal and save - even if it's just one.

With a focus on marriage and woman empowerment, I recently released my first of many books,  A WIFE'S GUIDE.

While shut down due to COVID-19, I was led to form a Facebook group KINGDOM CITIZENS Intercessory Prayer Group. Here, we post encouraging messages and have discussions that can give fuel to power through the current climate of our culture. If led, please join.




An open dialogue among women of different backgrounds, ethnicity, and walks of life;

brought together to share in a journey of transparency with hopes of encouraging and uplifting others.