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Shrimp Stuffed Bell Peppers (with Vegan Option)

So, my husband and I are embarking upon this journey to be make better, "healthier" choices as it relates to our diet. We have decided to abandon quite a few of our staples. For starters, we have removed all meats and animal byproducts (except fish & honey). This includes all dairy, which I thought initially would be difficult, but have found some pretty amazing alternatives. We've also opted out of the use of refined sugars, alcohol, and my list of food allergies: gluten, peanuts, almonds, soy, and eggs. You would think having an allergy to something would be enough to keep you away, but gluten had such a strong hold on me considering its in most products. But, we've found alternatives to that as well.

Because I suffer from PCOS and Hirsutism with a side effect of infertility, I've decided with the help of the Lord, to take back my health. And one of the major dietary culprits for sufferers of PCOS and Hirsutism is dairy. Now, my husband has high blood pressure, which is a constant concern of his, so that is another thing that has greatly improved with this dietary change. I typically suffer from inflammation, arthritis, and unexplained pains which has also improved, even considering my line of work as a hairstylist.

On this journey, we've truly learned just how food effects your body. We found that refined sugars are in everything. So, even if we weren't consuming a slice of cake, we would have eaten the equivalent of a slice due to the sugar we consumed throughout the day. So, I spend hours reading ingredient lists of products and researching alternatives. Now, don't for a second think in certain times or holidays we won't indulge a little. But, that's periodically and not on a daily basis.

And, if you've been a follower of mine for a while, you know I love to cook. So, this has been an interesting journey of trial and error, but it has been a blessing.


Below, you will find the recipe to my Shrimp Stuffed Bell Peppers. All ingredients are vegan, minus the shrimp. So, if you are desiring a vegan option, you can opt to leave it out or substitute it with jack fruit, tofu, tempeh, or mushrooms (just to name a few).


(Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Pescatarian w/ Vegan Option)

2 tablespoons of fresh garlic, minced

1 1/2 cups of Moocho Vegan Cheddar Cheese

1/2 lb shrimp, deveined, diced chunky

10 oz cauliflower, riced

1 cup of Pico de Gallo

1 cup of organic black beans, drained, salt free

1 packet of Mrs Dash Taco Seasoning

1/4 cup of Olive Oil

4 Organic Bell Peppers, rinsed, caps & seeds removed

2 tablespoons of vegetable bouillon or shrimp bouillon

1 tablespoon of tomato bouillon

2 cups of water

1/2 teaspoon of Real Salt

** If vegan, opt for tempeh, tofu, mushrooms, or jack fruit as a substitute to the shrimp. Add 1 1/2 cups of your choice

Preheat oven at 350 degrees

  1. Mix garlic, cauliflower, pico de gallo, black beans, cheese, salt, taco seasoning & olive oil together in a bowl and stir well.

  2. Add Shrimp or meat substitute and mix thoroughly.

  3. Fill bell peppers, placing in a cast iron dutch oven or pan, standing.

  4. Mix water, tomato bouillon and vegetable or shrimp bouillon.

  5. Pour 2 tablespoons over each bell pepper and pour remainder into bottom of dutch oven or pan.

  6. Bake for 45-50 minutes, covered, until bell peppers are tender. ENJOY!

This recipe was so delicious and my husband enjoyed it - major win! It is extremely filling - 2 people could definitely share one (depending on size of bell peppers).

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Peace and Love,

Markeita P



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