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Markeita Pruitt is a woman of many talents and gifts, all of which she contributes to the Father above. 

God has graced her with the ability to do many things, but with great sacrifice, stewarding each comes with a major cost. One thing that keeps her grounded is understanding that she is merely a manager of the things God has placed before her.

She has devoted her life to growing, maturing spiritually, developing each area, and allowing God to be ever-present in all that she is called to. Serving has been a huge bulk of her adult life, as she has been a devoted, licensed hairstylist and owner of Touch of Heaven Artistry for over 15 years with nearly 25 years of experience. 

Markeita and her husband, Melvin, are owners of  The Suite Life Salons, LLC, and its subsidiary, The Suite Life Luxury Suites. Markeita, being more involved in the day-to-day operations, works to ensure she remains a resource to her tenants. She looks to the future of the business with great expectancy. With the desire to build kingdom alliances and a network of successful businesses that cater to the local communities. 

As a speaker, Markeita loves empowering others to not only discover their freedom and identity in Christ but to operate in it as well. She shares inspirational messages on social media, as well as facilitates an empowerment group on Facebook called Chosen Kingdom Citizens where posts of encouragement, scripture, and biblical principles are shared. 

In 2019, Markeita released a prayer journal entitled A Wife's Guide: Prayers, Decrees, & Declarations. This book was an extension of her personal prayers for her husband and marriage. While entitled A Wife's Guide, it's a perfect preparation plan for those engaged and women in wait. 

Four years later, Markeita debuts her third book release which is a devotional designed to help individuals recognize and assume our Christ Identity. Our Christ Identity - 10-Day Bible Devotional is a deep dive study into what the word says about our identity and aids in a better outlook on life by assisting many on their self-discovery journey. What better way to discover yourself than to search the truths of the One Who created you? 

She looks to the future excited about all that God has in store. As always, praying for greater vision, God strategy, and discipline to execute with.

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Wife | Minister | Author | Entrepreneur

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