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God's Continued Work

It's funny how God can speak a thing and it look totally opposite of what you'd imagine.

When God speaks expansion (at least in my life), it is usually preceded with loss. The enemy will use this as an opportunity to cause you to doubt what you heard. But, I'm here to encourage you: YOU HEARD IT ACCURATELY. But, refrain from giving vision to what God is stating in attempt to make logical sense of the revelation received. We can easily allow our imaginations to take flight, devising a plan to set things in motion. But, upon receiving revelation, it's imperative that we sit before God and pray for context, strategy, and vision.

In my lifetime, I've always had to relinquish something prior to the fulfilling of a promise. Many would think expansion to be an addition to. But, what if God desires you to release the small version, to make room for grand. Many times, what's released either is tied to things that satisfy fleshly cravings or no longer serve purpose. This doesn't automatically classify it as a mistake because God uses everything. But could simply mean its season is up.

I look at it this way, when we purchase a vehicle, it takes us places, provides endless transportation, but there will come a time when it breaks down and needs to be traded in and/or replaced/upgraded. Does that disqualify its service to you? Absolutely not. Just means it's time to move on to something else and possibly something better. It served its purpose for the time of stewardship. That word is key. We are simply stewarding the things enlisted to us, for the interim God intends. May we never attempt to assume ownership of God's property, but steward it well for the time we have it. And when time arrives to release it, do so expeditiously and without grumbling.

God is so intentional and does all things well. But, we must understand that prosperity, expansion, and wealth are not limited to the natural. And if we're honest, spiritual prosperity, expansion, and wealth has eternal rewards.

So, naturally ,there's a mourning phase to any loss and transition. But, when your faith is in the Father, who owns a cattle on a thousand hills, you don't remain there.

I pray today that you release unnecessary weight. That you align your vision with that of the Father and allow Him to be the Author, Finisher, Navigator of your life. May you comprehend that a loss in the eyes of others may look bad, but it's merely a continuation of God's perfect work.



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