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Marketplace Ministry is a function of the prophetic outside the four walls of the physical church. It is a mantle carried by many who have answered the call to evangelize within their sphere of influence. 

This area of operation has finally been given language, a name, though many have pioneered this area as a result of fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Being privileged to function in this area of marketplace ministry for over 16+ years, Markeita Pruitt has been afforded much time to be cultivated as a steward. With the grace and leadership of God, she desires to simply help others navigate this space, which challenges the standards and cultural norms of our society while implementing the standards, ethics, and instructions of God into our kingdom businesses.  

By signing up, you are agreeing to be a Christ ambassador in the marketplace - choosing to illuminate God in whatever sphere of influence you have been called to.  What an honor it is to be extended an opportunity to partner with God. 

Mentorship details:

** Mentorship fees (WHEN APPLICABLE) do not cover the cost of meals and other expenses incurred during our monthly gatherings.

** Each one on one session is 45 minutes long and is intended to address topics mentioned in our initial consultation and check the progress of implementation of discussed methods and procedures. Also, it is a time to bring up newly developed challenges and/or triumphs.

** If additional sessions are needed, they are billed at $65/hr via Zoom/phone or $75/hr in-person (a discount of $30 for members).

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