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Markeita Pruitt


Christian Counseling incorporates biblical principles and application for individuals to advance towards greater purpose and healing.

God is the source from which all things flow. So, we can guarantee that everything we encounter is either orchestrated or allowed by God. Job in the Bible, one example of many, demonstrates how there is not one thing that does not pass through the hands of God, nor does life experiences and devastation catch Him off guard. It isn't too heavy for Him to handle. 

From the truth of Romans 8:28 which simply states that we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose, I founded my thesis for the Christian Counseling experience.  

While we must face the truth of our experiences and perspectives, we must also see God in them and take a journey that teaches us to offer them to Him for purpose, which delivers us from pain. Not an easy feat, but necessary for wholeness and greater purpose, and most importantly freedom. 

As a PURPOSE PUSHER and cultivated INTERCESSOR, I take great delight in the labor necessary to unearth the beautiful vessels that life attempted to bury, ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD.


Kingdom Identity

Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Abuse

Restoration and Redemption 

Purpose Discovery


Family Mediation

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