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The Fragility of Our Transformation

This weekend I attended the Women’s Retreat with the beautiful women and guests of my church Higher Calling Church. We retreated to a beautiful hospitality home in New Waverly that rested upon 30+ acres of land.

While there, I spent a lot of the time taking in the beauty of the land. Ate breakfast and lunch outdoors, chatting with the various women who were in attendance. Being a natural introvert, while it was a lot of activity, there was plenty of space for you to find your comfort.

Before leaving we were asked about our take away from the weekend, which mine was focused on the power of community and the need to be surrounded by the right individuals. I watched as many shared their testimonies. Everyone in attendance had their personal reason for attending, and not one mentioned that it wasn’t met. And the most powerful part of it is that it was met through another woman in attendance, though she too, was there for her own personal reason.

This is the power of community. One was unaware of the need of the other. Yet, in obedience to God, whether just a kind word or a gesture of love and attentiveness, a sister showed up for another through the working of the Holy Spirit. They simply followed the nudge of the Holy Spirit and without knowing, blessed another. This is how intentional God is towards His children. He is always speaking and gesturing and tending to our Hearts. But, this is also why being in community with other believers is so very important. This has been an ongoing display for me over the last year as God brings me out of my comfort zone of seclusion.

But, the most powerful part for me happened on my ride home. The drive was about an hour and a half long, so there was plenty of time to commune and talk with God. I love our private sessions, and as weird as it may sound, He speaks as if to be sitting right next to me in the passenger seat.

As we left, there was a caravan of cars, approximately 8 of us trailing one another down this narrow white rock road (it was deep in the country ya’ll). But, as we followed each other, we were so synchronized, weaving to avoid pot holes, and fallen tree branches, and any thing else. But, remind you, we’re surrounded by trees and forestry. And God, so beautifully, caused the caravan of cars to appear as soldiers marching in synchronization. Being that we were headed away from being fueled, built up, trained, it was as if to say: We had received our marching orders. Because so many came with various individualized reasons, God was highlighting that we were leaving with the necessary tools and weapons to fight another day and to march in victory.

But, then I hear Him so gently say: Be cognizant of the fragility of your transformation.

He then highlighted the process of a caterpillar to butterfly. The fact that when a caterpillar meets its time of transition, it literally must die to self. We’ve always considered that once in the cocoon it simply grows wings and antennas and so on. But, never taken into an account, that there is no resemblance of a caterpillar when looking at a butterfly. That’s because it disintegrates. The tissue that forms a caterpillar disintegrates leaving the needed organs/tissue that then forms the antennas, wings, new body and so on. But, then God said, But consider if that process was impeded upon. What happens if the environment is disturbed during the process? What if something disrupts the disintegrating process? What if the formation process is disturbed?

These questions all speaks to the nature of our environment during transformation. When we are transitioning from one thing to another, becoming what God has called us to be, it is so important that we protect the fragility of this process. Could that be why the caterpillar forms that tough cocoon? That it’s process is protected to ensure it develops as intended.

This is why who and what we allow in our environment matters so much. To answer the question to God’s questions, the answer(s) are simple: (1) we would end up with a malformed butterfly, (2) we would end up with a butterfly that doesn’t form at all, and/or (3) a butterfly that dies.

I don’t want to die in my process, nor do I want to be malformed and underdeveloped. So, while the process may be gruesome, while I may have to relinquish some things and some people, it is for the ultimate protection of the very thing God desires to bring Him glory. THAT’S WORTH PROTECTING!! So, be mindful of the fragility of your transformation.

After a butterfly is formed, it flies to many places, it brings beauty to every space it enters and joy to those who is graced with its presence. It is a small, uniquely formed, beautiful light in whatever space it finds itself in. Now receive that truth into your heart because that’s exactly how God, Abba, Father sees you.

Be blessed.

Markeita P



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