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The Wheat and The Tares

In having a recent conversation with a friend, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the parable about the Wheat and the Tares. In its infancy, tares closely resemble Wheat. It isn't until it matures, given time to sprout, that you can begin to discern the differences between the two. But, while your first reaction to bad weeds is to pull them up, if done prematurely, you run the risk of damaging the Wheat production. So, in this case, the servant farmer is advised to let them grow together until it was proper time to harvest the Wheat. What the Holy Spirit showed me is that there is a time and a season for everything. While there may be a few "bad seeds" amongst you, you must wait until the appointed time to ensure you don't kill and destroy the harvest. I'm not sure who this is for, but, you may be in a season of uncertainty, a time of figuring out who's for you or against you, a period when decisions concerning your future are needing to be made, but wait for the appointed time. Don't rush off in haste because of your emotions or because you've received insight… let the Holy Spirit instruct you on your next move. Let the Holy Spirit prompt you as to when to release or do away with dead, desolate things. Wait for the appointed time... I prayed in the beginning of November for God to remove the fruitless from me. I sensed that in the seasons to come, there is an urgency to be "lighter" - released from distractions, strongholds, burdens, financial issues, relationships and partnerships that keep you stagnant, in order to be more centered and accessible by the Holy Spirit. But, in praying this prayer, I had to be so open to who and what God would remove. You see, we sometimes look at the accumulation of things, people, businesses, relationships, money, and relate that to SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY. But, even in a Wheat field, you can't tell what is good or bad until the right appointed time. So while it looks like a great, bountiful harvest, there can be proverbial tares/weeds needing to be removed. So, what one may have thought to be an abundance, may have dwindled down a bit, but the quality of what's left is so much more valuable because it isn't tainted. We've bwen in a season of purification and preparedness. The Lord is doing things in every area of our life and we don't have time to be distracted or in our feelings. This doesn't mean you won't have them, you just can't remain there because it gives them control over your actions. I shared on social media, a word concerning SWIFT TRANSITIONS. The Lord showed me that things are about to be accelerated going into December and we must be open. This will be a season of unorthodox, unusual (yet favorable) happenings. But, you/we must get in position. We can't remain in places that don't inhabit the Spirit of the Lord. We must discern that which is good and bad, and be prepared to execute when the Holy Spirit speaks instructions in clarity. Don't lean heavily on logic during this season where it trumps your faith. WALK WITH GOD and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So I pray for increased faith and discernment for the people of God. May we get into position and remain postured before the Father. No weapon formed shall prosper, but we must endure. So I pray for supernatural strength and endurance for all. That we be equipped with the full armor of God and our spiritual lens be made clearer than ever before. May the words of our mouth and meditations of our hearts be acceptable, so in times of temptation, we stand firm against the evil works of the enemy and not waver.


Markeita P



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