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It's funny how God can speak a thing and it looks totally opposite of what you would/could imagine.

When God speaks expansion, at least in my life, it usually is preceded with loss. The enemy will use this as an opportunity to cause you to doubt what you heard. But, you heard it and you even received it. But, may I encourage you to refrain from giving vision to what God is stating. Sometimes, in attempt to make logical sense of the revelation received, we can easily allow our imaginations to take flight, devising a plan to set things in motion. But, upon receiving revelation, I have learned to sit before God for context and vision, and most importantly, wait on the Lord. The waiting is most crucial because even if we caught the reality of what the Lord was/is speaking, if we are unaware of timing, we can end up with an Ishmael.

A blessing out of season can ultimately be a curse.

In my lifetime, I've always had to relinquish something prior to the fulfilling of a promise. Many have equated expansion to be an addition to. But, what if God desires you to release the small in exchange for the grand. God desires for us to release the things tied to the satisfaction of our fleshly cravings and the things that no longer are conducive to purpose. This is where the enemy gets to lying and condemning, attempting to make you think that the previous journey was a mistake or that along the way you got lost or didn't hear accurately. But, just because you are now called to shift directions or to release things, automatically classify the previous as a mistake. It could simply mean that its' season is up.

When you purchase a vehicle, its with the purpose of getting you from point A to point B, providing endless transportation. Along the way, it needs maintenance and care. Then as it gets older, it breaks down. While we may invest money initially in repairs, there comes a time when the cost of repairs supercede the value of the vehicle or it becomes impossible to repair. This is usually when we either trade it in or purchase a replacement vehicle. Does this disqualify its service to you? Absolutely not. It simply means it's time for a new vehicle to ensure you continue getting from point A to point B without hiccups. That vehicle has served its purpose for the time of stewardship. That word is key. We are simply stearding the things enlisted to us, for the interim God intended. May we never attempt to assume ownership of God's property, but steward it well for the time we have it. And when time arrives to release it, do so expeditiously.

There's been seasons in my life where the Lord has called me to release things that were near and dear to my heart, or simply things that I've labored, toiled, and grew quite attached to - whether people, place and/or thing. Initially, I would cry, beg and plead for God to do it another way. But, as I've grown in my trust in God, my knowledge of Who He is and His attributes, I have learned that Jeremiah 29:11 is His heart towards us.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God doesn't desire to harm us, but desires to gift us hope and a future. He is so intentional and does all things well. But, we must understand that prosperity, expansion, and wealth aren't limited to the natural, and doesn't require our full comprehension -- though it does require our FULL obedience.

I'm reminded of Monopoly, when you would purchase a home to put on your property, then acquire another. But, there came a point where you could upgrade those homes to hotels. But, it required you to trade in, so you could level up.

If you've found yourself in a season of release and loss, every thought that comes against the truth of God's nature, His character and is attempting to rob you of your next... Bring it captive under the authority of Christ by causing every thought to align with the truth of God and His nature and desires for you. But, also, release comfortability. Your comfort - the level you've been at, the one you've settled into, will not suffice nor carry you into your next season. This is going to require an upgraded faith. You have faith to believe in God. You also have faith to believe God can... BUT NOW YOU NEED FAITH TO BELIEVE GOD WILL DO IT FOR YOU SPECIFICALLY.

God wants to enlarge your borders, your territory. But, you'll have to give up some things. Old tired methods, fleshly proclivities, pride, bitterness, lust, OFFENSE, old mentalities... things that typically become open gateways to the enemy. We're shutting off access. And no longer will we hand ourselves over to the enemy through disobedience and procrastination.

So, as you move closer to 2024, SURRENDER. Give a fresh yes to the plans of God for your life, and allow Him to instruct you on what to do, how to move, when to move, and even the who - as it relates to those sent to assist or those sent to hinder.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

So, I pray today that you release unnecessary weight. That you align your vision with that of the Father and allow Him to be the Author, Finisher, Navigator of your life. May you comprehend that a loss is simply another beginning in God. I declare CLEAN SLATES in the Name of Jesus. Clearance for God to have His way, to do as He pleases, and for us to be fully submitted and surrendered. May we follow after God, pursue Him with great intentionality, more than anything of this world.. that our lives, our hope, our faith may be upgraded and He continues to get the glory out of our lives, In Jesus Name. Amen.



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