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Part 1: 2024-2025 Prophetic Word (PRODUCTIVITY)

At the end of every year, the Lord gives me a word or a series of words that describes the year and seasons we will find ourselves entering into in the coming year. At the end of 2023 I heard, "PRODUCTIVITY, MOBILIZATION, AND UTILIZATION." It took a minute to receive insight pertaining to the given words. One reason being, busyness. I wasn't settled enough to hear the release. So, before proceeding, let me encourage you to find yourselves removing excessive activities off of your plate to ensure you are "quieted" enough to hear and receive instructions in this season and those to come.

We are entering a "Daily Bread" season, which isn't just for provision, but instructions. Be sure to carve out intimate time with the Father for no other reason than to be with Him, to prioritize His presence, and to hear what He is speaking and to become increasingly familiar with His voice and His heart towards you.

In all honesty, I've struggled on how to release such a lengthy and alarming word. But, I've also wasted time pondering the presentation versus the obedience of release. So, I'm sharing this word in the form in which I received it. Because it is quite lengthy, I will share in 3 parts over the course of the next week or so under the breakdown of Productivity, Mobilization, and Utilization.

Before reading further, I encourage you to pray. Ask and welcome the Holy Spirit in to lead you through this word and to give you great explanation and clarity along the way.

May He open your eyes to see the truth of what He is speaking in this hour.



  1. The state or quality of producing something, especially crops

  2. The effectiveness of productive efforts, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input

  3. The rate of production of new BIOMASS by an individual, population, or community; the fertility or capacity of a given habitat or area (biomass: an inherently dangerous category of substances, especially in bulk, and has significant fire and explosion hazards.)


GET SEED IN THE GROUND (figuratively/literally)

  1. What seeds have you sown?

  2. You’re entering a “season of return” says the Lord

  3. Seeds are being sown for the next season of harvest (2025), but there’s currently a season of harvest approaching

  4. Between April - September, “expect a return on your investments”. Investments of time, seeds sown in the lives of others, financial seeds of support and offerings, investments of love and care towards others, “NOT ONE THING WASTED AND NOT ONE THING OVERLOOKED”, says the Lord. 

  5. “Begin to Dream Again” Don’t lose hope in the dreams that the Lord has placed in your heart. Many, out of frustration and delay, have felt like God changed His mind. He didn’t, and He still desires to fulfill every promise. Begin to dream again. Begin to hope again. Begin to expect again, as this will be a season of long awaited fulfillment.


  7. In gardening, compost derives from waste, leftovers, what many would consider trash, what most have discarded. But, to a gardener, it is gold, as it nourishes and provides nutrients for the seedlings and harvest.

  8. What you’ve experienced at the hand of the enemy or the orchestration of God’s plans has worked to nourish your growth and development. “And as compost rots and decays, know the former things have passed away”, says the Lord. “Much of what plagued you in the last few seasons is “wasting away” never to hinder again. It provided supernatural strength and growth though it tried to bring you to a point of exhaustion.”

    1. I saw a plant sprout exponentially quick - taller than others and stronger, more productive and vibrant than expected, more than normal. As I write this, my head went back, looking up in awe as it sprouted before me. 

  9. Simultaneously as you harvest, SOW. 

  10. “Put back in the ground - seeds - to bring a double portion of return. Don’t hoard”, says the Lord. “Put it back in the ground. Fight the temptation to hoard.” I’m reminded of the Israelites when the Lord provided manna. He said, “store up what you need for the day to feed you and your family. Nothing more, nothing less” (paraphrasing). This was because He would provide daily bread and needed them to trust Him for it. It’s a heart posture He’s requiring, looking for a heart of faith. The story goes on that some stored extra and it became rotten and full of maggots. Trust Him for more. Don’t hoard (selfishly with a mindset of scarcity), but “be a storehouse and vessel for others”. As you do so, more will come. From unassuming sources, man shall give unto your bosom. Even in scarcity (famine). For the riches of the wicked are stored up for the righteous (Proverbs 13:22). “You’ll find sources of untapped provisions. Pressed down, shaken together, and running over.”

  11. Compost: “and as more transpires, it shall nourish.” 

  12. No longer will you see what you encounter as an attack, but have eyes to see it serve as aid to your betterment and a means to bring God glory. All things. All things. All things work together. Shift your thinking. Speak it. Speak VICTORY.

  13. As it relates to natural, get seed in the ground. Whatever you can, whatever the Lord ministers, “plant it before April is up”. 

  14. This will serve in place of a 2025 famine. Learn what you can about gardening and put it into motion.

    1. There will come a time when we will barter. Don’t fret about not having everything. Simply focus on what God tells you. 

  15. The community will work as a collective in the seasons to come.

  16. Therefore, continue to worship authentically together, but intercede and pray fervently for the unity and harmony amongst you. 

  17. Uproot any arrogance, jealousy, pride, lust, perversion, unclean things, fear, and doubt that can potentially breed contention and division. 

  18. Stay before the Lord. “Keep your face to the wall and your heart towards God.” (Isaiah 38:2-6)

  19. Purify us, O Lord, and renew in us a right spirit. (Psalm 51:10)

  20. Keep your heart before the Lord for examination continuously. CONTINUOUSLY…

  21. Your praise despite what you face will rob the enemy and shorten or thwart the attack. 

  22. I saw praise literally choke the life out of the enemy. 

  23. Praise diminishes his presence, impact, and influence. I see him choking and growing smaller in stature. 

  24. Praise stirs confusion in the enemy’s camp. He runs seeking an escape because he hates that you praise God (and not him).

  25.  Complaining and murmuring pleases him because it rests in the place that praise should be. He can’t exist in the midst of what he desires for himself, but can’t have (our praise towards God). 

  26. We have to examine the existence of our praise as much if not more than we are cognizant of our language. 

  27. If you’re complaining, you can’t praise and ultimately God is robbed of due praise

  28. You shift from a posture of praise into a posture of complaining

  29. Stay in POSITION

  30. Don’t get out of your posture. Remain there.

  31.  Praise will confuse the enemy. 

  32. Praise will cause him to flee. 

  33. Praise releases freedom from bondage and sets the captives free. 

  34. Praise is a weapon of warfare

  35. It’s a key that unlocks doors and dimensions

  36. It takes you from one place to another as a vehicle. Stay with your praise. 



  1. There are already reports of bio-engineered diseases and pestilence. But, in reading the definition, the Lord highlighted POLLUTANT.

  2. An “air traveling” pollutant/pathogen that causes severe sickness and/or death.

  3. I keep seeing a gas mask (and believe we need to get one)

  4. “There will be an attack that exposes many to ‘biohazard’”

  5. They (multiple strains) will come out of Beijing, China. 

  6. As we prepare for a time of war, pray for our ports and seawalls. 

  7. New York

  8. Houston

  9. California

  10. New Orleans

  11. Washington, DC

  12. The attacks on our ports will slow distribution and halt productivity in many areas (ushering in famine) 

  13. COVID was just a dress rehearsal. I see ships/barges full of products and food that are rotten and maggot-infested. 

Word of wisdom for this season: “There will always be a distraction. So, there must be prioritization and determination.”

  1. There are things happening intentionally to distract and desensitize. Be alert. Be vigilant. Prioritize the presence of God and be determined to hear from Him and fulfill destiny. In such determination, you will find yourself less engulfed by the things of this world and more so fulfilling the instructions of this hour. 

  2. Also, out of this will be the development and productivity of things that God is drawing out of you that is needed in the Earth. You have purpose, you have value, you have influence, you have substance… all of which someone else either needs or is encouraged by. Live as God has called, and again… BE VIGILANT. 

This is not to incite fear or chaos. But, God speaks to His prophets and children in order to give us warning and a period of preparation. In Genesis 41, there were seven years of abundance where Joseph was able to store up and prepare for the impending seven years of famine. God is gracious in that way, that while some things are the biproduct of man's evilness, pride, etc., OR God's orchestration, He still gives us a place of refuge, provision, and instructions (aka Goshen - Genesis 45:10).

So, I pray the Lord expounds upon this word and give you greater insight. May He give you wisdom, courage, and a fire to do as He instructs in this season. Amen.



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