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It's Prophetic (God is in the details)

Last week in prayer, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that He is "Cleansing, Cleaning, and Clearing". He led me to research the definitions of each word because at first glance they seem synonymous. He released this Word pertaining to the very space many believers have found themselves in as an assurance that while it's heavy, while it's uncomfortable, while it may even been undesirable... IT IS PROPHETIC.

  • make (something) thoroughly clean

  • rid (a person, place, or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling

  • free (someone) from sin or guilt

The Lord is purifying!! As an "All Consuming Fire", you shall come out refined, purified as gold. But, with such refining, you shall experience the intensity of the heat though you won't be destroyed. Many are equating their current experiences to the work of the enemy, but it is in fact, God's plan of refinement.

This is why many have found themselves in what appears to the naked eye as a season of loss. But, rest assured, it is not so much the devil, as it is God. He's cleansing us of things that had our attention more than Him, that so secretly and subtly was set up in our lives as idols. Things that we found our identity in when our identity should be in the Lord. The things that became the imitation of a savior and provider (jobs, homes, people/relationships, money, health, wealth, etc.). Things that were developed as a result of the birthing of our imagination, and forced into fruition by human strength. Things that defiled purpose and deterred destiny. He's cleansing us.

I'm also reminded of how Abraham, being that he went after the promise by submitting to the demand of his wife which resulted in the birth of Ishmael, had to then send them away because he wasn't the "promise". Because Ishmael was Abraham's seed, God blessed him (Gen 17:20). There are some things we purposed and produced that were blessed for a season because we're children of God and He showed grace and mercy. But, He's correcting those areas and things, so He may fulfill His original purpose in and through us. The imitation of God's promises will not last forever. But, in this cleansing, it is making room for the gifting of true promise. Do not be distressed or dismayed. Release what the Lord desires to strip away. Let go of the "faux blessings", and make room for the legitimate blessings. This which we will birth next is conceived of God and will happen - NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD. In this next season, you shall receive your inheritance, the purposed promises of God.

  • free from dirt, marks, or stains

  • morally uncontaminated; pure, innocent

This is in regards to the "Great Harvest". As I wrote the definition, I saw a pure white goat released and run down a hill. Many will come to understand Christ's sacrifice for their sins, and accept Him as their "scapegoat". He is the atonement, the One Who took on the penalty of our sins so we may be reconciled and inherit everlasting life. He took on the wages of our sin, so that we could live.

Many are coming into right relationship, accepting salvation that removes the stain of sin, leaving them filled with His Spirit. There is a birthing of new creations, and an offering freedom from eternal damnation, condemnation, guilt, and shame.

As a result of this cleaning, we will also see a rise of "unknowns" replacing the morally corrupt (contaminated). Do not rejoice in the exposure or the "changing of the guard". The Lord is seeking the pure heart who has closed the door to blatant compromise. He's looking for a generation that will be like a city on the hill that cannot (will not) be hidden. Who will be His representatives on the Earth so that "His kingdom come, His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". Vessels used for His glory. GLORY CARRIERS fulfilling the Great Commission, who's died to self and increasing in their awareness of the dire importance of crucifying the flesh daily.

The enemy is attempting to exploit those areas of compromise and lack of attentiveness. We must choose this day whom we will serve. Our attention and intentionality is required in this hour (and going forward). "Consecrate yourselves", says the Lord. "For the days are evil". The time we have is for the glory of God, to do good and not evil. As the days grow in evilness and darkness, you shall be kept, but be found in Him!!!

  • an open space, especially one cleared for cultivation

  • remove an obstruction or unwanted item or items

  • become free of cloud and/or rain 

  • get past or over (something) safely or without touching it

The Lord is preparing you for the personal harvest and spiritual harvest. But, it requires a clearing out of the debris. A Gardener uproots weeds as preparation of the land; so that it may be cultivated and tilled, ensuring it's ready to receive seeds. It's nourished and fertilized so as to produce a flourishing harvest. So too God is uprooting the byproducts of pain, betrayal, trauma, abuse, and the miseducation encountered in our past.

He's removing what has hindered your development, advancement, your spiritual fortitude and stamina (and that which can or will hinder). God is bringing you into a place of clarity, renewed strength, and decisiveness. Even those used by the enemy to breed frustrations and hurdles will be removed. He's "clearing the thicket". That which has obscured your vision, impeded destiny, and withheld provision is being cleared. No longer will you be plagued by darkness and heaviness, but the joy of the Lord shall consume you and you shall be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

You'll soon rest in a space where you can feel settled, no longer feeling like you're being tossed to and fro. He shall stabilize you.

But, find yourself dwelling in the secret place, make your residence there.

"You'll cross safely", says the Lord. "But surrender to the journey and submit to My plan for you. I vow to prosper you and not harm you. To bring you to an expected end".

In the months to come, you will begin seeing that which was once fragmented, soon come together and produce the blueprint of your future.

Nothing you've endured will be wasted.

It will all make sense soon and very soon. Place your trust in the Lord, lean not unto your understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways, keep your eyes fixed on Him, and watch what happens. God is in the details and you have not been forgotten, nor have been forsaken (Hebrews 13:5).

This "NEXT" requires less of your physical exertion (as you've once known life to require) and more intercession (prayer and fasting).

Scripture Study & References


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