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The Season of Miracles

The season of MIRACLES is upon us. Some simply because the Father desires it for you. COULD YOU IMAGINE THAT? Others will take place to serve greater purpose and bring glory to the Father. I can sense the Father's heart towards the remnant. Wanting to bless and to deliver and to heal. It's like a parent who wants to give their child the world, except this time, the parent actually owns it all and can do what He desires without restraints and limitations.

So, I encourage you to be in pursuit of the Father. Not for what He gives, but for Who He is... everything else will fall into place. This is a season of deep consecration and prayer. Don't be consumed with anxiousness and worry. But let the presence of God wash over and assure your heart -

"You're in the right place. And I will give you perfect peace." Says the Lord.

So, my prayer is that you become sensitive to the presence of God. That your awareness is heightened, so in a moment of opposition, you're not frightened or discouraged but assured that victory is yours because the Father is fighting for you. You are not alone. You are surrounded by the warring angels of God. He's fighting for you. He has plans to give you hope and a future to prosper you and not harm you. You shall recover all in Jesus' Name! You shall conquer in Jesus' Name! You shall rise up triumphantly in Jesus' Name!

PROPHETICALLY SPEAKING, Your victory in Jesus will witness to those in your sphere of influence. It will bring light and hope to those in dark places. I see it going out as a lifesaver, rescuing others from sinking and being overtaken by troubled waters. They will come to know Christ by seeing the miraculous feats. And when it happens, you will rise in TRIUMPH and DECLARE: GOD DID IT AGAIN!



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